Wednesday, 16 December 2009

subtext december 6th 2009

this is the last show for a while, possibly forever. i'm packing up my studio and moving across the ocean, and i don't know when i'll get it all set up again. i also feel like taking an indefinite break.

this show features a half hour or so digital & spirit section, because i just got the urge. that's probably the best bit.

thanks for listening over the years and i hope you've enjoyed the selection and tolerated my shitty mixing!

bop & dephecta - the space between us - syncopathic
triad - fiasco - deep soul music
atom - breath in - ?
spectrasoul - poseidon - deep soul music
calibre - run around - defunked
break - timeline - critical
logistics - murderation - hospital
the spirit - freezing point - timeless
data - muted - metalheadz
teebee - dynasty warriors - creative source
digital - one ton - phantom audio
digital & spirit - void vip - function
digital - champion bubbler - function
spirit - back up - timeless
digital - waterhouse dub - function
jennifer bolton - dreamcatcher [spirit's warehouse dub] - narcotix
digital - ras 78 vip - function
digital & spirit - quickdraw - phantom audio
digital - gateman - phantom audio
digital - lion - timeless
genetic sequence - weirdo - transmute
instra:mental - thugtronika - exit
macc - boomer [martsman remix] - alphacut
sub - when jupiter & saturn meet - plain audio
serum & bladerunner - snakefist - creative source
mendelayev - i'm zombie - alphacut
genetic sequence - last christmas - sequential

that's it. i kind of hope it's not my last show because this was a particularly bad one imo, but here it is anyway, for completists or fans of digital & spirit only. i'm cringing at some of these mixes. it's that bad.

if anyone's interested in any previous shows that aren't up here (i only have as far back as nov 2005) then let me know in the comments and i'll see what i can do.

tracklists for all shows since early 2007 are available here


Saturday, 5 December 2009

genetic sequence - last christmas

i made this track in 2004 for a bit of a giggle and released it as a free mp3 through; it's a cover of the classic wham! track from the 80s. since then it's propagated around the interwebs a bit and keeps coming back to haunt me.

it's been featured on which at the time i'm writing this, has 395 cover versions of last christmas. i witnessed john b dropping it in the main room at therapy sessions and the crowd loving it. last year this guy jack kern sequenced his christmas lights to it and stuck it on youtube:

you can download the 320kbps mp3 right here

have a rockin' christmas :-)