Wednesday, 4 November 2009

subtext november 1st 2009

this one is only about an hour long due to streaming problems. the first 2 tracks were lost (ergo not included in this tracklist) and the last minute is very skippy before it cuts out. considering the initial skipping at the start of the show had totally killed my buzz, i think i ended up doing a pretty ok job.

so here it is, after 2 false starts:

sci-clone - everywhere i go - metalheadz
serum & vapour - true calling - critical
resound - razorback - vampire
optical & ryme tyme - twisted - virus
lomax - federation - critical
logistics - murderation - hospital
commix - underwater scene - soul:r
triad - fiasco - deep soul music
data - curfew - sound artillery
bal - all city - ?
seba - hidden reflections - secret operations
lynx & hellraizer - shady pastimes - soul:r

and then the stream dropped again and i had to quit.


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rekkerd said...

Thanks for these new mixes, loving your selection.